Save the Dates in October & March 2024

Hopefully you are all enjoying your summer. This is my favorite time of year! The days are long and the Idaho outdoors call my name. 🙂 It is sometimes hard to focus on important tasks. A summer update is in order. I have been as busy as ever attempting to balance home, business, Senate work load and preparing for the next legislative session in January. 

There are indicators that the legislature may be called back into session to try and bring back the Presidential Primary to May instead of March. As most of you are aware the Idaho GOP does not support this move. Your conservative legislators will continue to work towards bringing back a March Presidential Primary. If we do not get called back into session, we are tasked with a Republican Caucus on March 2nd for the Presidential Primary. SAVE THE DATE! Although, a Caucus may not be what all Republicans want, it looks like this is what we get for now. Let’s make the best of it. Many want to blame our Idaho Republican Chairwoman, Dorothy Moon for this mishap. She in fact tried to stop members of the Idaho Legislature from removing the March Presidential Primary. Please do not trust what is being reported by the mainstream news media or disgruntled “establishment’ Republicans. Do your own research. If you are a concerned Republican voter continue to keep your elected officials in check by tracking how they vote on the important issues. Let them know when you are pleased or disappointed with how they vote on important issues to you.

The Carlson 4 Idaho TEAM is currently working and strategizing on legislation for the 2024 Legislative Session with fellow legislators and patriots. We are still focused on the harmful material that is being provided to kids in our schools and libraries. A group has been formed to create an ad campaign to raise awareness about what is being provided and taught to our children through books and curriculum. SAVEIDAHOKIDS.COM will hopefully be coming online soon! If you are interested in being involved by helping fund this effort, please email us and we will put you in touch with the group. We are working on solutions for what is being made available to kids on the internet, voter integrity regarding absentee and mail-in ballots, legislation addressing possession of Fentanyl and solutions to the Idaho school funding formula with the State Dept of Education. There are other topics as well. If you have an interest in becoming a valued TEAM member let us know. 

Please SAVE ANOTHER DATE, Thursday, October 12, 2023! Our family businesses are hosting a Carlson4Idaho Fundraiser BBQ in Riggins at our headquarters (HQ) in Riggins. We realize it is right in the middle of hunting season but please attend if you are able. The key note speakers are Theo Wold, Idaho’s Solicitor General and Megan Wold, currently an attorney in Idaho and she previously worked as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. It should be a great time for all. Yes, it is a little early to raise money for the 2024 election. Money needs to be raised now for a re-election campaign. Focusing on Senate duties will be my priority instead of raising money for a campaign during the 2024 Legislative Session. We have been told that the Democrats are spending $27 million dollars in Idaho in 2024 to get rid of true conservative legislators. The possibility of an “establishment” District 7 Senate candidate could be in the cards. Our plan is to be prepared. If you are ALL IN FOR IDAHO please consider helping us “plan” ahead. I am not well liked by most organizations so grassroots help is needed by all true conservative candidates. 

FYI, The maximum donation for each candidate from an individual and business for the Primary is $1,000 and the same limits again for the General Election.

For those of you who are not aware, I am a member of the Idaho Freedom Caucus. We vote together on important conservative issues, caucus weekly during session and strategize as a team. It is an organization that is supported by the Freedom Caucus Network in Washington, D.C. We have an Idaho team of 15-20 members. Some members are private. I am a public member. This organization has been a great resource to me as we continue to make progress on conservative issues and legislation.

Senator Brian Lenney recently wrote in his newsletter the following:

Because The LEFT has their eyes on The Gem State…

possessed and obsessed, lusting after Idaho…

So with the same spirit, I’m confident that Idaho will persist as a shining beacon of freedom in the United States for decades to come. But let’s not be naive; this won’t happen without a resolute FIGHT.

Are you willing to stand with us? If the answer is yes, then let’s join forces because Idaho’s worth every ounce of our effort, and we need all the freedom-loving warriors we can muster.

Stand strong!

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Thank you for all the input and the tremendous support you have provided.


Senator Cindy Carlson, 
District 7